定額給付金 Fixed amount stimulus payment

  昨年、日本政府は 経済対の一つとして「定額給付金」の支給を決めました。
につき12,000円を もらうことができます。
18才以下の子供と 65才以上の高齢者は 20,000円です。



デパートや商店、旅行会社などの「定額給付金セール」も一段と賑やかに なりそうです。

★Kanji with hiragana

昨年(さくねん)、日本政府(にほんせいふ)は 経済対策(けいざいたいさく)の一(ひと)つとして「定額給付金(ていがくきゅうふきん)」の支給(しきゅう)を決(き)めました。
日本(にほん)に住所(じゅうしょ)があれば、一人(ひとり)につき12,000円(えん)を もらうことができます。
18才(さい)以下(いか)の子供(こども)と 65才(さい)以上(いじょう)の高齢者(こうれいしゃ)は 20,000円(えん)です。

この給付金(きゅうふきん)には 賛否両論(さんぴりょうろん)ありましたが、今年(ことし)の春(はる)から市町村(かくしちょうそん)で支給(しきゅう)が始(はじ)まりました。

使(つか)い道(みち)に関(かん)するアンケートでは、この臨時収入(りんじしゅうにゅう) は「買(か)い物(もの)や外食(がいしょく)に使(つか)う」「将来(しょうらい)のために 貯金(ちょきん)する」と答(こた)えた人(ひと)が多(おお)いようです。

デパートや商店(しょうてん)、旅行会社(りょこうがいしゃ)などの「定額給付金(ていがくきゅうふきん)セール」も一段(いちだん)と賑(にぎ)やかに なりそうです。

★English translation

Last year the Japanese government decided on a money handout as one of the measures to stimulate the economy .
Every person that is resident in Japan, is eligible to receive a payment of 12,000 yen ( approximately $122US ).
Children under 18 years old, and older people over 65 years old receive 20,000 yen ( approximately $203US ).

This stimulus has been the subject of great debate
Granting of the payments has begun in each city, town, and village from spring this year.

In answer to questionnaires asking how people plan to spend this extraordinary income , most people answered that they planned to go shopping, go out for a meal or save it for their futures.

Department stores, small business, travel agencies etcetera are planning to have some special stimulus payment sales.
Things are bound to get a lot more lively in a short while.

This week's vocabulary  

an economic measure  

for , by way of, in the role
for each one  

an issue with pros and cons , a subject of debate
to concern, be concerned with, to be related to
special or extraordinary income  

to eat out  

for the sake of  

even more, increasingly, more and more 

By SENO Chiaki
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ジグソーパズル Jigsaw puzzles


★Kanji with hiragana


★English translation

Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle ?
Jigsaw puzzles are made of a single picture that has been divided into a number of pieces and separated which you put together again as a puzzle.
When I was a child, my father bought me a jigsaw puzzle of the Japan map to help me with my geography studies.
That puzzle was very difficult for me since I was only a child, but little by little I began to enjoy seeing the map of Japan gradually becoming complete , and so I became immersed in it .
And that was what sparked my interest in jigsaw puzzles. Even now, if I have some time, I try to do a new jigsaw puzzle. The harder it is to complete, the greater the sense of accomplishment in doing it.It is really fun.

This week's vocabulary  

a jigsaw (puzzle) 

a piece  

take ~ apart  

put or fit together; assemble  

a Japanese map  

be completed  

be absorbed,immersed, wrapped up  

a start; in opportunity  

a sense of accomplishment 

By IWAKI Naoko
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