いろいろな名前を持つ町・日田 Hita in Oita (a town with many faces)



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Last week, I took a trip to Fukuoka prefecture and Oita prefecture. In this blog, I am going to introduce one of the towns I visited, Hita. Hita, located in roughly the center of northern Kyushu, in olden times was a strategic transport communication, is a town with many faces. The first face is the face of a town which , during the Edo era, was a center of political activity. During the Edo period, the shogunate placed its local administrator's office here, and people from all over Kyushu would gather here. This land, which was under direct control of the shogunate was known then as [Ten Ryo Hita](Imperial Hita).

So this town became prosperous during the Edo period, and the form that it took on then, has been well preserved. The narrow streets are lined with white walled store fronts and in the entrances of these stores, beautiful Hina Ningyo (dolls used to celebrate Girl's Day) are put on display all year long. The atmosphere of the town is rather similar to Kyoto, so it is also called “a little Kyoto”.

Hita also has another face, surrounded by mountains with a beautiful river running through it, it has a face of a town blessed with nature. Since it is far from the Pacific Ocean and far from the Japan Sea, you cannot see the sea from Hita, but instead, with the beautiful river running through it and Ayu( type of fish) swimming upstream , Hita is also known [Sui Kyo Hita] (Riverside Hita).

Abundant with nature, and history, if you get a chance, try to go and see Hita for yourself.


This week's vocabulary

福岡県(ふくおかけん) Fukuoka prefecture

大分県(おおいたけん) Oita prefecture

日田市(ひたし) Hita city

旅(たび)する  to travel

紹介する     to introduce

要衝(ようしょう) a strategic point

江戸時代(えどじだい) Edo period

幕府(ばくふ) shogunate

代官所(だいかんしょ) a local administrator office

置(お)く to place

~の直轄地(ちょっかつち) a land under the direct control of ~

明治(めいじ) Meiji Era

栄(さか)える to become prosperous

a doll displayed on the Girl's Festival day

白壁(しろかべ) a white wall

雰囲気(ふんいき) atmosphere

~に恵(めぐ)まれた to be blessed with

その代わり instead

鮎(あゆ) an ayusweetfish

遡上(そじょう)する   to ascend

By MOMII Shigefumi

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  1. 日田市は歴史があるし、自然があるし、魅力的な町みたいです。ご紹介されたありがとうございます。機会があったら見に行きたい。